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Resurfacing And Sensation Reconstruction Of Volar Complex Defect In Digit With Free Distal Ulnar Artery Perforator Flap In Single-stage
Zhou Feiya, Master
The Second Affiliated Hospital Of Wenzhou Medical University, Wenzhou, China

Resurfacing and sensation reconstruction of volar complex defect in digit with free distal ulnar artery perforator flap in single-stage

Summary Background : Complex skin defect in fingers is common and challenging in hand injury. The defect size, more than one tissue loss and exposed deep vital constructs consists the complexity. Repairing all the tissue loss in one stage is more challenging but essential to the hand final function.

Purpose: The free distal ulnar artery perforator flap is a recently reported method for finger skin defect reconstruction, which provides satisfactory results but ignores the sensation reconstruction in the same surgical stage . This paper is aimed to introduce its resurfacing ability and sensation-reconstruction characteristics£¨analyzing the results of clinical application of using free distal ulnar artery perforator flap in complex skin defect in fingers.

Methods: A total of 8 patients with complex skin defect in fingers were treated with free distal ulnar artery perforator flap transfer. The involved fingers were 5 index fingers and three long fingers. All the flaps raised from the affected ulnar later wrist. The donor sites were covered with full thickness skin graft or closed by straight suture. Results: All flaps survived completely without any necrosis during the 6-18 months follow-up. The patients were satisfied with the finger motive ability , sensation function and the cosmetic appearance.

Conclusion: In term of repairing complex defect in finger, reconstruction of multiple tissue loss in single-stage is necessary for the early functional exercise and rapid recovery. As alternative way, using free perforator flaps is a reliable method to regain the satisfied outcome.

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