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Official Journal of the
American Association for Hand Surgery
Volume 12 Number 2 March 2017



Timing of Debridement and Infection Rates in Open Fractures of the Hand: A Systematic Review
Constantinos Ketonis, Joseph Dwyer, and Asif M. Ilyas 119

Vascularized Bone Grafting in Scaphoid Nonunion: A Review of Patient-Centered Outcomes
Ram K. Alluri, Christine Yin, Matthew L. Iorio, Hyuma Leland, Jason Wong, and Ketan Patel 127

Surgery Articles

Scaphoid Nonunion With Poor Prognostic Factors: The Role of the Free Medial Femoral Condyle Vascularized Bone Graft
Tahseen Chaudhry, Lauren Uppal, Dominic Power, Michael Craigen, and Simon Tan 135

Complications and Outcomes of One-Bone Forearm Reconstruction
So Yeon Kim, Harvey Chim, Allen T. Bishop, and Alexander Y. Shin 140

MRI Correlation of Radial Head Fractures and Forearm Injuries
Hisham Awan and Robert Goitz 145

Delayed Repair of Ulnar Artery at the Distal Forearm
Jorge G. Boretto, Ezequiel Zaidenberg, Gerardo L. Gallucci, Verónica Alfie, and Pablo De Carli 150

Reverse Radial Forearm Flap to Provide Arterial Inflow to a Toe Transfer
Joohak Kim, Alfred P. Yoon, and Neil F. Jones 154

Surgical Approach and Anesthetic Modality for Carpal Tunnel Release: A Nationwide Database Study With Health Care Cost Implications
Brock D. Foster, Lakshmanan Sivasundaram, Nathanael Heckmann, Jeremiah R. Cohen, William C. Pannell, Jeffrey C. Wang, and Alidad Ghiassi 162

Clinical Evaluation After Peripheral Nerve Repair With Caprolactone Neurotube
Gabriel Costa Serrão de Araújo, Bernardo Couto Neto, Renato Harley Santos Botelho, and Marcio Carpi Malta 168

Patient Comprehension of Carpal Tunnel Surgery: An Investigation of Health Literacy
Gregory R. Waryasz, Joseph A. Gil, Daniel Chiou, Paul Ramos, Jonathan R. Schiller, and Manuel F. DaSilva 175

Hand and Wrist Injuries in Elite Boxing: A Longitudinal Prospective Study (2005-2012) of the Great Britain Olympic Boxing Squad
Michael Loosemore, Joseph Lightfoot, Ian Gatt, Mike Hayton, and Chris Beardsley 181

Atypical Mycobacterial Infections of the Upper Extremity: Becoming More Atypical?
Mariela Lopez, Julie Croley, and Kevin Murphy 188

Diagnostic Wrist Arthroscopy for Nonspecific Wrist Pain
Amin Mohamadi, Femke M. A. P. Claessen, Sezai Ozkan, Gregory P. Kolovich, David Ring, and Neal C. Chen 193

The Influence of Psychological Factors on the Michigan Hand Questionnaire
Yekyoo Oh, Tessa Drijkoningen, Mariano E. Menendez, Femke M. A. P. Claessen, and David Ring 197

The Correlation Between a Numerical Rating Scale of Patient Satisfaction With Current Management of an Upper Extremity Disorder and a
General Measure of Satisfaction With the Medical Visit

Marijn M. G. van Berckel, Niels H. Bosma, Michiel G. J. S. Hageman, David Ring, and Ana-Maria Vranceanu 202

Case Reports

Capitate Chondroblastoma: A Case Report and Review of the Literature*
Ali Izadpanah, Riyam T. Zreik, Thomas Shives, and Sanjeev Kakar NP14

Intravenous Glomus Tumor Masquerading as Lateral Antebrachial Cutaneous Neuroma*
Harvey Chim, Husain al-Qattan, Herbert Valencia, Carole Brathwaite, Andrew Price, and John A. I. Grossman NP19

Surgical Excision of Mycosis Fungoides Using Thumb-Sparing Reconstruction*
Giancarlo McEvenue, Ashley Kim, and Paul Binhammer NP22

Scaphocapitate Syndrome With Associated Trans-Scaphoid, Trans-Hamate Perilunate Dislocation: A Case Report and Description of Surgical Fixation*
Fiesky A. Nunez Jr, T. David Luo, Jesse B. Jupiter, and Fiesky A. Nunez Sr NP27