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2012 Annual Meeting Hands On Skill Sessions
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Hands-On Station Schedule
Thursday, January 12 | 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Integra LifeSciences

Please join Integra for a hands-on cadaver bioskills course focused on endoscopic cubital tunnel release using the market leading EndoRelease™ Cubital Tunnel Release System.

This course will feature a review of the surgical technique and benefits of the system, led by faculty surgeon Tyson Cobb MD. Participants attending the course will be provided training and offered the opportunity to perform the technique on their own cadaver specimen.

Please register for a cadaver training time slot, as space is limited.
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This concentrated two-hour cadaver-based bioskills course provides the training required to perform ECTR surgery using MicroAire’s SmartRelease™ECTR system. Surgeons will have the opportunity to view a brief, pre-taped, fully narrated, live-patient ECTR procedure performed by Thomas Trumble, MD as well as observe the technique in-person as demonstrated on a cadaver specimen by a faculty surgeon. Additionally, participants will have the chance to perform the demonstrated technique on their own cadaver specimen as well as observe at least two other surgeons.
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Skeletal Dynamics

Please join Skeletal Dynamics to learn about the latest advancements in prosthesis designs for upper extremity surgery.

The GEMINUS Fossa Specific Plate features a unique dual head design that improves fit to the volar radial surface, alleviating the potential for flexor tendon injuries while providing the scaphoid and lunate fossa with optimized subchondral support.

Also featured is the revolutionary ALIGN Radial Head System designed to restore the kinematics of the native anatomy, specific to each patient through the proprietary alignment instrumentation. Incorporating a long stem for solid fixation, the prosthetic head offers the versatility of a bipolar system during final positioning, then locking permanently into a monoblock prosthesis.

Truly a paradigm shift in upper extremity surgery based on extensive clinical experience.
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